41% of Baltimore public school children have a 1.0 GPA


WBFF’s Project Baltimore produced a report on Baltimore public schools. Their analysis found that during the first three quarters of 2020-2021, 41 percent earned a 1.0-grade point average (GPA) or below.

That means more than 8,400 students out of Baltimore City Schools’ 20,500 total population are getting grades below a “D” overall

The analysis found that 21 percent of city high school students obtained a 3.0 or better GPA—or a “B” average.

Project Baltimore was able to catch up with Baltimore City Council member John Bullock, a member of the education committee. Tuesday morning, he attended an event announcing a $1 million investment in city youth programs. At that even, Fox45 News asked him if the lack of success is acceptable.

“One of the realities that we dealt with this past year with the pandemic is a lot of young people struggle, a lot of families struggle. On one hand, we talk about this unique circumstance were a lot of young people have not been able to be academically successfully given some of the challenges they are facing. But from an overall perspective to look at not just the investments in education and recreation, but also family support,” said Bullock. “We definitely want to see our young people succeed to be able to get further education and career development. Thank you.”

The pandemic is a handy excuse but these scores have been abysmal for years.

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