When you’ve lost Chris Wallace! He was “horrified” by Acosta


Speaking at an event for “journalists” held Tuesday evening at the Columbia University School of Journalism, Wallace bashed CNN’s chief White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, for his non-stop lack of professionalism.

He spoke about the lack of professionalism in journalism, although he blamed the President for it.

“What concerns me, and this is the main point that I want to make tonight, is that we can’t control the president’s behavior,” his statement began. “We shouldn’t try to control the president’s behavior. What we can do is control our behavior.”

“And I worry that the president’s ‘attacks’ have given too many straight news reporters — not talking about the opinion page or prime time — an excuse or license to cross the line themselves and become players on the field, and I think that is a huge mistake. It’s not our role. Our role is to be observers, umpires, fact-checkers, investigators. It’s not to be advocates. It’s not to be opponents.”

Maybe the President is just exposing them as the biased hacks they truly are, but that’s us.

Wallace then turned to the disgraceful Jim Acosta who behaved abominably during a presidential press conference earlier that day in India.

“There was an event today … there was a news conference in India, and Jim Acosta of CNN asked a question of the president, and the president proceeded to attack CNN, and Acosta then said, ‘Our record at telling the truth is a lot better than yours, Mr. President,’” Wallace reported.

“I was horrified by that. I covered the Reagan White House for six years with Sam Donaldson and Lesley Stahl. None of us receding personalities would have ever dreamt of saying that to a president of the United States, and Acosta shouldn’t have.”

He continued, “It’s not our job to get in fights with presidents. It’s not our job to one-up presidents. It’s our job to report on presidents. … But to the degree that we have responded to his attacks on us with attacks or advocacy in kind, there’s a huge mistake, and I think adds to people questioning the credibility of the media.”


This is what the poor excuse of a human, much less a journalist, Acosta said on foreign soil:

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