Where the US is headed and why, it’s not just another cycle (watch)


Mark Levin read off a list of Marxist books by professors that Joe Biden has met with. This is, he believes, the neo-Marxist era in the United States. One, in particular, Manipulating the Masses: Woodrow Wilson and the Birth of American Propaganda is exactly what Joe Biden is doing today.

Additional books he mentioned included activist journalism, What Are Journalists for?, Doing Public Journalism, The Idea of Public Journalism, and others on immigration justice and global warming, plus books teaching children to hate America.

The hard-Left is instituting neo-Marxism in this country line by line, using Biden.

Levin noted that the one book not being discussed is the U.S. Constitution. Biden’s go “big and fast” is not what we are supposed to be about. The government believes in go slow and with deliberation. It should not be all-powerful.

Why in the freest country in the world, are we going in the wrong direction? Levin says it’s for [half-wit] Biden’s legacy. You don’t get written up as the greatest president if you fight for liberty and expand liberty and limit the ubiquitous nature of the federal government.

The more you move to the hard-Left, the greater the legacy will be. Biden wants to be the greatest Leftist in U.S. History.

The Left is now talking about a $5 trillion infrastructure bill that has nothing much to do with infrastructure.

Karl Marx is the most influential man in history. He was not a philosopher, but rather an ideologue. Levin believes Biden ran for president to go “big and fast” with neo-Marxism and Marxism. Marx and his ideology are responsible for the deaths of 100 million people, and the imprisonment of one-and-a-half billion people. So why are we going in the wrong direction? He believes it’s because you don’t get written up if you don’t go “big and fast” like in a dictatorship. We are supposed to go ‘slow and deliberative’ so Americans can find out what is in it.

This is not just another cycle in our American history. This is “deadly serious.” It’s neo-Marxism and Marxism.


Candace Owens spoke after the monologue.

Candace Owens agreed completely. She called the Democrats the slaveowners and Jim Crow. It is their history. They seek to turn Blacks into toddlers. It’s a throwback to when slaves were not allowed to read. Instead, they’re instilling their minds with filth, teaching them vengefulness and take what’s yours because there is no other way you can get ahead.

Welfare has slavery in its DNA to get Black Americans wed to the government.

Slavery is written into the education system, which is absolute garbage. Now they are introducing illegal immigrants as a new class of enslaved Americans, married to the government. It’s pure evil, she said.

Levin believes Biden and Kamala racialized the sex-murders in Atlanta and the murder by a Syrian Muslim. Candace said it is to tear this country with pure evil intentions. Democrats don’t know the facts of the story but they can instantly make Black America angry by saying all Whites are supremacist racists.

Levin talked about the colleges sending the students out as left-wing zombies. We need a BDS movement against colleges and universities with their sick Marxist professors.

Candace agreed, adding that Education in K-12 is now teaching children to become activists, and pawns of the Marxist government.

The people in power do not know what the real world is and the ordinary person is working with diverse people all the time.

Her concluding statement was very encouraging:

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Remo Williams
Remo Williams
2 years ago

“Marx is quoted as having famously said, “Religion is the opiate of the masses,” and Pacepa quoted Khrushchev as having said, “so let’s give them opium.”
It seems that the religion of the young American generations has become Marxism and they are drugged up by the promise of free stuff, social justice, and racial justice. They are so enamored with impossible social justice that they steal, loot, and burn “evil capitalist” enterprises of poor neighborhoods, violently deconstructing the reality of the most tolerant country in the world by inventing systemic racism and non-existent white supremacy.
People who have never been slaves are trying to shake down people who have never held slaves nor have they had ancestors involved in the slave trade. Additionally, they ignore the slave trade that continues to this day around the world.
How violent and how fast is the deconstruction of our reality? It depends on who you ask.”
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Mutant Ryeff
Mutant Ryeff
2 years ago

The 13th Amendment (R) freed the slaves and the 16th Amendment (D) enslaved everyone, plus you can’t renounce your citizenship without paying an exit tax (proof you are enslaved). I want reparations for being enslaved my entire life.

2 years ago

Sad but True. They want the open borders for another reason as well; to supply the ignorant masses with enough dope to keep them ignorant, broke, broken, imprisoned, enslaved, and destroyed.

2 years ago

An awesome article thank you very much sending it directly to GAB!!!!

Lito Andovini
Lito Andovini
2 years ago

The most diverse country in the world and they don’t really want multiculturalism to work anyway.
Zimbabwe/Venezuela/Cuba/North Korea is the direction and it is the wrong way.
Comrade Karl and his “lasting curses” are there to burn down the world and have everyone be equal in socialist misery.
Feel bad for the puppet Biden because he is old?
I have no love or sympathy for true believer useful idiots as they have none for me.