While France Burns, Macron Spends €26,000 on Makeup


French President Emanuel Macron’s wife laments her wrinkles, but that’s not a problem for his majesty. While his country burns because people don’t have enough money to put food on the table or gas in their cars, Macron is spending a fortune on his makeup.

The decadent French idiot deserves the guillotine. He spent €26,000 on makeup in three months. His aides say the bills are high, but an artist had been called in as ‘matter of urgency’.


Socialism promotes this decadent lifestyle at taxpayer expense. Rulers are allowed to be immoral, but everyone else has to be satisfied with paying the bills.

Here is more from the Guardian:

Macron, nicknamed Jupiter after the all-powerful Roman god, is not the first French president to pay handsomely for keeping up appearances.

His predecessor, the Socialist François Hollande, was accused of “shampoo socialism” after reportedly forking out €30,000 for makeup, topped off with a monthly €9,895 bill for a personal barber to cut and dry his thinning hair, according to the satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchainé. The Elysée justified the cost by saying the hairdresser had to “get up early and fix the president’s hair every morning … and as many times during the day as necessary”.

Vanity Fair claimed Hollande’s conservative predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, spent €8,000 a month on having his face done.

The British prime minister, Tony Blair, spent more than £1,800 of taxpayers’ money on cosmetics and makeup artists for six years after he came to power.

Not to be too judgemental or anything but when these clowns use the tax dollars to gussy up while their people suffer, don’t people think this a bit much? They should use their funds.

We see the same attitude by these types carried over to climate change. They drive their big cars, take their private jets and so on but tell us we can’t buy gas. Meanwhile, we have a President who works for free.


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