While in a Brain Fog, Biden Says Dems Choose Truth Over Facts!


Joe Biden told a receptive audience in Iowa that Trump is worse than a white supremacist. These young admirers are as naive as hell and cheered him for it.

It’s so obvious white supremacy is the new racism for Democrats. The allegation of racism seems to have worn out its effectiveness so they have moved on.

Joe has no moral core and will say anything to win. He won’t stick to any belief if it’s not to his advantage.

Then He Became Philosophical

“We choose unity over division, we choose science over fiction, we choose truth over facts,” says fossilized Joe, the oldest 76-year-old ever.

The crowd cheered this nonsense.

Everything he said stumping in Iowa was a lie. Democrats and Joe do nothing but divide us 24/7 with the help of their Democrat media. As far as science, they think babies aren’t babies until they are born. Democrats don’t believe there are two genders scientifically.

What does choosing truth over facts mean, by the way?

He sounds like Cortez on that last one. She’d rather be moral than factual. That also makes no sense.

Usually, truth and facts are nearly synonymous. We think creepy Joe is gaslighting us. Or he read it incorrectly from the teleprompter.

Joe Lied About Charlottesville Again

Breitbart’s Joel Pollack confronted him about his Charlottesville lie and he lied.

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