While Trump is silenced, Taliban are spreading propaganda on Twitter!


Taliban @Jack Dorsey allows the Taliban to spread their propaganda on his platform, even now, but Donald Trump and many conservatives are banned. When you hear that the Haqqani network or ISIS-K are the problem, don’t believe it. They are ALL THE SAME PEOPLE. That is a lie the terrorists like to spread — oh, those guys are bad, but the Taliban is really good. They are NOT!

SOME REPORTS SAY THAT AT LEAST THIRTEEN US SOLDIERS (11 Marines, 1 medic, and possibly one other) WERE KILLED, ACCORDING TO THE AP! This is blood on Biden’s hands and on all the people who advise him or pull his strings.

As many as 100 or more Afghans are dead!

The warnings have gone on for months and were ignored because the White House didn’t give a damn.

Even if the ‘commander-in-chief’ does come out, he is nearly mindless and only capable of reading from a teleprompter.

Barack Obama’s people and Soros’s are in the White House. They are guiding him in our humble opinion.

Biden has to go, even if clueless Kamala is the President. Biden should be tried for treason. Think of what he has done — to be fair. If you wanted to destroy American, would you do anything differently?

All Democrats care about is votes and they have zero empathy.

The Biden administration has opened our borders to criminals, terrorists, and people who will not contribute to the US. Biden is bankrupting the country, attempting to destroy our immigration, voting, justice, and financial systems. His performance in Afghanistan was beyond abominable. This administration didn’t give a thought to the people left behind.

All they care about is an ideology and have no common sense or competence.

Now we have scores of dead and up to thirteen soldiers. These people need to pay for what they have done.


Response: The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns the bombing of civilians at Kabul airport, which took place in an area where US forces are responsible for security. The Islamic Emirate is paying close attention to the security and protection of its people, and evil circles will be strictly stopped.

The following is some more evil propaganda. Only the dumbest or most naive or most evil would fall for this.

Wake up people! Forget the Rs and Ds. Our politicians have disappointed us. Forget whose to blame — demand good decisions! Use your common sense. Think independently.

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