While you were watching Kabul, Biden was destroying our sovereignty


Border Patrol in Del Rio are overwhelmed with the numbers of illegal aliens/terrorists/criminals/moochers/lawbreakers, aka migrants, crossing the border. There are only 12 agents to cover 245 miles. Their morale has fallen “off a cliff.” They “feel dead inside” because they are not allowed to do their job.

They are babysitters and Uber drivers thanks to the treasonous Democrats under Joe Biden.

There are so many illegals that even Catholic Charities can’t handle them. Many have tested positive with COV.

This is all happening in violation of the Constitution, the law of the land. No one does anything. Biden and his comrades are lawbreakers and traitors. They are giving away the country to criminals, terrorists and who knows what else. Biden should be dragged out in handcuffs, along with Garland, and a slew of others.

This has Barack Obama and George Soros written all over it.


The Remain in Mexico policy is back on but it will be ignored for some time. That is how this administration operates. No one stops them.

We’re not getting their best:

We’re in Hell, Biden-Obama-Soros Hell:

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