Whistleblower says FB chose profit over public safety on J6, but she hates free speech – updated


An ex-Facebook manager alleges that the social network fed the Capitol riot deliberately.

Everyone can avoid Facebook, but that does not excuse the concerns raised by this woman. If Facebook intentionally stoked the fires that sparked the violence on January 6th at the Capitol by prioritizing that content, are they not as responsible as many arrested for being involved?

Ms. Haugen will appear before Congress this week.

According to the AP, Data scientist Frances Haugen was identified in a “60 Minutes” interview Sunday as the woman who anonymously filed complaints with federal law enforcement that the company’s own research shows how it magnifies hate and misinformation.

Haugen, who worked at Google and Pinterest before joining Facebook in 2019, said she had asked to work in an area of the company that fights misinformation, since she lost a friend to online conspiracy theories.

“Facebook, over and over again, has shown it chooses profit over safety,” she said.

She said Facebook prematurely turned off safeguards designed to thwart misinformation and rabble rousing after Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump last year, alleging that contributed to the deadly Jan. 6 invasion of the U.S. Capitol.

Post-election, the company dissolved a unit on civic integrity where she had been working, which Haugen said was the moment she realized “I don’t trust that they’re willing to actually invest what needs to be invested to keep Facebook from being dangerous.”

Things are never as they seem. This appears to be one of those cases. While we dislike Facebook, she appears to be the enemy to all of us.

As it turns out, Haugen is anti-free speech!

Frances Haugen is telling us that Facebook is dangerous because it doesn’t monitor, spy, censor, limit, enforce, and ban enough.

Haugen is a big Democrat donor.

The National Pulse has thus far identified 36 donations from Haugen during her time as an employee of Facebook, Pinterest, and Gigster. All of the donations, which total nearly $2,000 since December 2016, have gone to Democrats including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

On January 13th, 2020, Haugen sent money to Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional campaign and a further contribution to her “Courage to Change” Political Action Committee (PAC).

Haugen donated twice to “It Starts Today,” and curiously claims that it “holds donations” for Democratic primary nominees until the end of the selection process.

She loathes free speech.

We updated this article to include The National Pulse information. We’re being snookered.

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