Whistleblower Spills on Loudoun School Board, Which Includes a Satanist


Democrats in Loudoun County, Virginia, including a Satanist and even more devilish, a campaign staffer for a Soros Prosecutor, plotted to smear and punish any parents or politicians or other domestic terrorists who dared to challenge the woke school board just because a boy wearing a skirt in the girl’s lavatory raped a girl.

They talked about shooting Republicans and conservatives.

The Daily Wire reported Wednesday that private chats in the group called “Loudoun Love Warriors” included threats against parents opposed to the school district’s embrace of a radical transgender agenda.

The aide to a Northern Virginia school board chairman, a Satanist, a campaign staffer for a Soros-backed prosecutor, a consultant for a Democrat sheriff candidate, and a local reporter were part of a secret clique that plotted to shield Democrats from backlash over the school system’s coverup of a transgender rape, The Daily Wire has learned.

A member of the Loudoun County group also made a handwritten dossier listing the names of 115 Virginia residents, mostly private citizens, who were described collectively as “bigots,” according to photographs reviewed by The Daily Wire. The list of names included additional descriptions such as “pedophile,” “psychopath,” and “antichrist.”

The Leftists Espoused Violence and Hate

Rhetoric in the group’s chatroom was far more incendiary than anything cited by the National School Board Association when it pushed for domestic terrorism statutes to be invoked against conservative parents and other concerned citizens. The Biden Department of Justice used the association’s plea as the basis for a memo decrying a “disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators [and] board members.” But messages reviewed by The Daily Wire show that in the case of Loudoun County, it was leftists who espoused violence and hate, which they directed at concerned parents.

They wanted to make sure they didn’t get blamed for the rape cover-up. The Daily Wire got their information from a whistleblower who befriended the Loudounites in secret chats.

“I can say this definitively because I had the benefit of seeing both sides,” the whistleblower told The Daily Wire. “I’ve never seen any [conservative] parents say anything nearly as bad as what they say.”

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