White House Counsel Involved in Release of Clinton Emails from March 2015


Fox News and Judicial Watch are in possession of emails containing FBI notes exposing White House counsel involvement in the release of Hillary Clinton’s emails as early as March 2015.

The notes read: “Pat Kennedy (early May ’15) calls interagency MTG (meeting) re: scheduled release by JAN ’16, asking quick turnarounds – WH Counsel, CIA, etc…OSD, DNI, NSC and (redacted)”

While the content is familiar, the use of the word “Counsel” shows earliest confirmation of White House involvement so far.

How inappropriate is it for the White House to slow the pace of releasing records that could be damaging to Clinton’s candidacy?

On March 7, 2015, then-President Barack Obama told CBS News that he learned about Clinton’s private server for government business from the media. “The same time everybody else learned it, through news reports,” he said.

We knew about this in October of last year from Wikileaks and it backs them up.

An email sent later that day from Cheryl Mills to John Podesta, published by Wikileaks shows otherwise: “We need to clean this up. He [Obama] has emails from her — they do not say state.gov.”

The notes also show Patrick Kennedy tried to convince an FBI agent to change the classification of the Clinton emails, arguing they did not contain sensitive information. This was first reported by Fox News in September 2015, and later described in an FBI summary released last year as a “quid pro quo.” 

Kennedy and the State Department had denied the charge at one time.

This is more proof Obama is a liar, Clinton and her staff are liars.


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