White House Quietly Pulls Reporters’ Passes Without Complaint


Politico’s West Wing Playbook reports that roughly 432 reporters have lost access to the White House over the past three months. That’s about a third of the total.

Simon Ateba, the White House correspondent for Today News Africa, reported losing his “hard pass” access. Ateba, along with more than 441 additional reporters, will no longer be able to attend White House press briefings until they obtain what is known as a “temporary day pass,” according to a report from the Daily Signal.

The White House issued new rules in May with strict rules governing access.

Under the new guidelines, reporters can still access the White House. However, their permissions must be reviewed daily, and the Secret Service can hassle them.

When Donald Trump was president, the White House Press Corps was brutal, even vicious. President Trump tried to pull the pass on Jim Acosta, and Democrats went wild. They always get their way when they scream because the media is corrupt and screams with them.

This White House is not transparent and gets away with not answering questions. They’re frauds.

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