White House Responds to House Resolution on No Due Process Process


Press Secretary Stephanie Grisholm issued a statement today in response to the House Democratic resolution. The President called the impeachment an “illegitimate sham” from the beginning, “lacking any proper authorization by a House vote.”

The “scam,” he said, will continue “without any due process for the President.”

“The White House is barred from participating at all,” and the “White House rights remain undefined, unclear, and uncertain — because those rules still haven’t been written.”

Nothing has changed in terms of providing “basic due process rights to the Administration,” the statement read.

As Michael McCaul wrote on Twitter, before Pelosi’s partisan resolution, 110 members were allowed to participate in the investigation. After Pelosi’s partisan resolution, 22 members were allowed to participate in the investigation. Fewer members are involved and fewer voices of the American people in this serious matter of impeachment.

Let us ask, does this seem like railroading to you?

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