White House security head gravely ill with coronavirus


The White House announced in September that someone at the White House had Coronavirus but the person was not named. We now know the person’s name is Crede Bailey. He became ill before the Rose Garden event. No one knows how he caught the virus, but he wasn’t in contact with the President at that time. He works closely with the Secret Service.

He has been hospitalized since September 26, the day of the Rose Garden event, and is now reportedly gravely ill. Crede Bailey could have been the person who originally spread the virus and is the earliest known recent victim of the illness in the White House. That is conjecture.



  1. Are the CPUSAcrats celebrating and burning flags? Pea brained celebrities wishing ill will on TwitFaceGram are probably getting going about now.
    Enemedia claims SCOTUS nominee ACB was the vector but I thought would be to slow down the process.
    She had it and recovered.

  2. My most sincere prayers for him,may God give him and all others infected with the Coronavirus a swift and full recovery

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