Maoist China suspected of funneling $ through US radicals to help Biden


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris never address China’s role in COVID, nor do they make note of its stealing of intellectual property. China has tried to subvert our election and now threatens war with Taiwan after taking over Hong Kong. Still, the duo says nothing.

Lance Gooden, U.S. Congressman for Texas’s 5th Congressional District, said there is “reason to believe the Chinese Communist Party is funneling $ to Biden’s campaign through ‘Green New Deal.'”

Biden has threatened to end fracking and so has Harris. It would be a boon for countries like China if they do. Interestingly, China censored Pence during the debate, but not Harris.


Rep. Gooden is calling for the FDA to investigate the Sierra Club, the Sea Change Foundation, and the Sunrise Movement. The funding comes from Sea Change, long known to be a funding source for foreign influencers, he noted in his letter which he sent the FDA head Andrew Wheeler.

He also writes: “Many 501(c)(4)s receive foreign funding for research or programming, but the environmental groups in question are not acting as mere think tanks or research organizations. These groups actively lobby Congress for legislative action, support political affiliations, and promote police. They have also been known to organize and pay operatives to disrupt American energy operations and election processes.”

Since they haven’t registered as foreign agents, it’s illegal as Gooden notes.


The groups that are getting the money are targeting America’s energy interests.

He mentions accurately that China has a long history of destroying American industries and we can’t let them continue.

In the letter, he explains that China is becoming an energy “powerhouse” and “Climate Change” campaigns are “very profitable for China as they hold monopolies on many of the critical minerals used in the “renewable energy” space.”

The activists in these groups rail against Trump’s decision to pull out of the [anti-American] Paris Accord but are “silent on China’s egregious environmental practices.” They employ “egregious practices, including horrible air quality and a hefty carbon footprint.” Even though China is a “leading polluter, they rarely face condemnation from “green groups,” he writes.

He noted that Attorney General Bill Barr, who he cc’d, along with Susan Bodine, recently stated “the greatest threat to the 2020 election is China.” He said he has good reason to believe they are funneling money through eco-left “green” groups. He wants them held accountable. [THEY HAVE OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS]

There is nothing new about this. We reported on Sea Change years ago, but nothing happens.




  1. Hey, why would anybody doubt China, the Asian wing of the Democrat Party, funneled money to Biden’s campaign? After all, they funded Bill Clinton’s campaign and there’s evidence they also funded Gore’s and Hillary’s campaigns. .

  2. That’s because Joe Biden would halt the trade war and reverse President Trump’s economic policy on China.He would also raise enterprise taxes which would stop the returning of manufacturing industries from China to Amrica

  3. The Chinese also realize that Antifa and BLM will weaken America and make their taking over easier. All of the anti American regimes know this.Even Assad’s Syria knows this, but many Americans are too stuipid to understand this fact.

    • The sole reason for their “ignorance” of “this fact” IS the Main sewer Stream fake Media that has, for over forty years “refrained” from practising “journalism” … and discarded “veracity” …

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