White House Siege Starts Today


Today is the 9th anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street Movement that laid siege to NYC’s Zuccotti Park near Wall Street. Today is also the day that Adbusters, a Canadian group founded in 1989, called for a White House siege. They called for activists, jammers, radicals, artists, musicians, and others to occupy Lafayette Square in Washington, DC.

They plan to lay siege to the White house until November 3rd, the 50 days leading up to Election Day.

Adbusters is working through the Blackspot Collective, the activist wing of their non-profit environmental organization. They sent out a clarion call for “tens of thousands of our fellow citizens” to go to Washington, DC.

In their Tactical Briefing #1, they claim activists will “lay siege to the White House. And we will sustain it for exactly fifty days.” The briefing asks participants to stuff their backpacks with “the tools of nonviolent revolution.”
Tactical Briefing #1

Asking for a show of strength, Tactical Briefing #2 tells their followers “to be there in the hundreds of thousands.” This is “Phase One,” according to the briefing. They will be ready, if need be, “to reconvene at any time after that to ensure the peaceful transition of power.”
Tactical Briefing #2

Adbusters organizers ask if you want to rely on “the police or military to drag Trump from the White House when he loses?” They predict Biden “could win by a landslide.”

Tactical Briefing #3 claims that Trump is trying to steal the election. Adbusters say their lawyers are already in court. They are “mounting pre-emptive strikes and preparing for the scorched-earth scenarios likely to come.”
Tactical Briefing #3

But the siege is not just Washington, DC. “Together we can organize pop-up sieges at federal buildings in dozens of cities . . . maybe even launch a national art project to decorate the streets with stunning visual memes.”

They call for “every saxophonist, drummer, clarinetist, trumpeter, flutist – any and everyone who can blow a blue note – to grab your instrument, go out, and start playing on every street corner of the Republic,” in Tactical Briefing #4.
Tactical Briefing #4

They have a three-front offensive – street corners, federal building, and the White House.

The final Tactical Briefing, #5, renews its call for musicians across America to play Jazz music on the street corners. Apparently, their aim is to serenade us with music until we join the revolution.
Tactical Briefing #5

“And, with a bit of luck, it’s going to swallow up the whole country for 50 days, starting this Thursday, September 17th – and remind it of the revolutionary mettle that it’s made of.”

That’s music to my ears!

Image from: Adbusters Facebook.com

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