White House Won’t Answer Questions About the Biden Scandal


The White House found a way to handle the scandal surrounding the President and his son. They won’t answer a single question. It worked during the campaigns, and it’s working now.

This White House is a most arrogant administration, and the media lets them escape scrutiny. They refuse to answer a question about the President’s son, who committed felonies that appear to have involved the President.

They simply act like the question is beneath them, and the media lets them get away with it. You won’t see this story written up in legacy media.

Newsmax’s James Rosen asked John Kirby about Hunter’s threatening message to the CCP oligarch Henry Zhao. It exposed Hunter violating FARA and more with his father allegedly in the room.

Kirby simply said he wouldn’t answer and stormed out of the room.

Merrick Garland was asked about claiming he let Delaware attorney David Weiss follow through on the Hunter tax evasion case. Hunter committed four IRS felonies. Two disappeared, and the other became misdemeanors.

Garland said he didn’t stand in the way but never addressed the fact that Weiss’s boss blocked his efforts to have Hunter charged appropriately.

The best was with KJP, a self-described historic figure, who refused to answer because Hunter (the criminal) is Biden’s son.

That is the point. Biden was with Hunter when he was threatening Henry Zhao. After not answering, she said over and over that she answered.


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