White Men Sue Disney for Discrimination of Americans & Over Race, Religion


The Walt Disney Company is facing a new lawsuit by America First Legal. The litigants claim the corporation is “intentionally discriminating against white American men, Christians, and Jews simply because of their race, sex, religion, and citizenship.”

Disney discriminates against Americans.

This new lawsuit from America First Legal (AFL) is one of the more dramatic and potentially damaging that Disney has faced in a long time, reports Inside the Magic.

In a press statement, the AFL said that Disney is “violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by engaging in illegal race, sex, and national origin discrimination.”

From Their Website

All Disney General Entertainment productions are required to comply with Disney’s DEI “Inclusion Standards.” Some of the standards explicitly provide that fifty percent of the following jobs must be filled by members of “Underrepresented Groups:”

  • Regular and recurring actors and characters in Disney content;
  • Producers and writing staff;
  • Overall crew or project staff;
  • Line producers and/or production department heads – including, for example, the director of photography, composer, costume designer, editor, production designer, and music supervisor.

It’s pure Marxism:

Read more at AFL. It’s hard to believe this is who we are now.




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