Whitmer would-be kidnappers are Antifa, love all races, hate Trump


Yesterday, the left-wingers on social media and in the so-called mainstream media had a hatefest against the right-wing going, claiming right-wing militiamen plotted to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and assault others, including the police. These 13 men hoped to start a Civil War.

All we know about the militia is they contacted the Michigan militia.

The 13 plotters seem to like the Constitution, guns (like all criminals, and hate the government. They are anarchists. They have no problem with minorities and want them to join with them in their Civil War.

The fact that they were anti-police had me wondering why they were men of the right. The university minions who watch for terrorists claim they are right-wing or go from left to right. That’s almost a total lie.

Take JJ MacNab, a fellow at George Washington, she helped start the blather about Boogaloo and the Wolverine Watchmen as right-wing. She includes the harmless online group QAnon and Vaxxers in those groups of violent anarchists and socialists/communists.

She claims some Boogaloos and the men like the ones who wanted to kidnap Whitmer sometimes like Trump which is a distortion of reality and an attempt at throwing shade on who is really terrorizing Americans — Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

The men arrested are Antifa-loving anarchists. The Boogaloo are socialist anarchists. Right-wing can’t be anarchist socialists, sorry JJ. The lies from these so-called university experts and politicians are nauseating.


They are not white supremacists (most of Antifa are white):

The ringleader hates Trump:

The men are white but they are leftist anarchists:

These people are crazy.


Whitmer is a complete fraud and so are all the Democrats ranting on social media about these so-called right-wingers. They are their peeps — Antifa. These are the people the Democrats, Joe Biden, and Whitmer support. These are the people Biden’s staff and Kamala’s groups bail out of jail!

Whitmer blamed the right-wing all day yesterday or suggested it was the right-wing, tying it to President Trump:



  1. I had to turn das Radio off as it prattled on about this central casting cornball caper and an MSNBC ad came on.
    All of the people all of the time works in the minds of people who have disdain for the average Joe and Jane America but not in reality.
    The false flag well is dried up and the quality of scripts from the Derp State are easily outdone by any random elementary school student.

    • One term Gov. Whitless had her hat handed to her from our State Supreme Court that her lockdown extensions were all illegal – Even if they had not, we would have voted Nov 3 to remove her 1945 emergency power…. She is just another Professionally trained LIAR = Lawyer.

      Her people even LIED to us with a fake web site to recall Whitless so people would not sign the real recall petition.

  2. THIS was a Jesse Smolett sort of caper?
    The minute I heard this, two thoughts came to mind:

    1) This is a radical leftwing set up and
    2) There are millions of people in Michigan very disappointed the kidnapping of NitWit Whitman failed

    • Did you really expect otherwise??? Like way back in Kosovo and as they are wont to do EVERY TIME, the lie is left on the counter and they walk away unscathed as people actually die because of their wanton prevarications…

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