Breonna Taylor files released, race not involved


The Democrats are still rioting over Breonna Taylor’s accidental death and the family is still pursuing the case. They seek the prosecution of the officers involved. Since the family demanded the release of more and more documents, we have discovered Breonna was ‘deeply involved’ with alleged drug dealers.

Another 5,000 pages were just released and they don’t make Ms. Taylor look good.


Since we’ve already released detailed reports on the case, we are only including what is new information. For one thing, there is no evidence race had anything to do with anything.

For another, Breonna’s boyfriend, who shot at police and originally blamed Breonna, appears to be more deeply in involved in drug dealing than originally known.

As one who shot an officer, although he claimed he didn’t know they were police, her boyfriend Kenneth Walker is subject to further investigation. And investigate they did. There are also photos of Taylor and Walker posing with guns, but the gun Walker used that fateful day is legally-owned.

Included in the new documents are photos of Taylor and Walker posing with guns, as well as text messages that strongly suggest that Walker was involved in the sale of illegal drugs.

Walker was a licensed gun owner able to legally carry in Kentucky. He was not named in the search warrant used to enter Taylor’s home, and he was not a target in the drug investigation of Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, that led to the raid on her apartment.

In one photo recovered from Walker’s phone, Taylor poses with him as he holds a silver and black Glock 9mm that strongly resembles the gun Walker used to fire on police during the raid. He also shows off a ‘pistol style’ Springfield Saint AR-15.

‘Partners in crime’ reads the caption at the bottom of the photo, along with a cartoon of handcuffs.

In text messages, Walker said that he purchased the Glock from a ‘white boy’ and that it wasn’t registered to him, but that he had a bill of sale. In one text, Taylor asked for a photo of the AR-15 pistol so she could see if a ‘white boy’ she works with might purchase it.

Also revealed in texts:
  • Walker had been involved in the sale of drugs, according to messages recovered from his phone by police.
  • Walker told investigators that he and Breonna were ‘scared to death’ when they heard banging on the door on March 13 and he feared it was her drug-dealing ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover.
  • Breonna asked who was at the door by screaming ‘loud at the top of her lungs’, but did not get an answer
  • Detective Joshua Jaynes, who sought the warrant at Breonna’s address, admitted he did not have evidence that the parcels Glover was receiving at her home were suspicious.
  • The SWAT team involved in the drug investigation that night were not briefed on the raid at Breonna’s address
  • SWAT team member Lt. Dale Massey described the execution of the warrant as an ‘egregious act.’
  • Detective Jaynes admitted there were parts of the investigation he would’ve ‘done a little bit differently’.
In the course of the investigation, police also recovered evidence that Walker was involved in the sale of drugs:

A search of Walker’s phone ‘found numerous conversations about drug trafficking,’ investigators said in the newly released documents.

In several ‘chats’ described in the documents, Walker discusses selling ‘pills’ to Hooters waitresses.

In another conversation, he sent an image of a bag of marijuana, advertising it as ‘Cali High-Grade Premium Cannabis 1LB,’ according to the documents.

There is more you can read at The Daily Mail online.

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marty lopez
1 year ago

So why is her family getting $12 million taxpayer dollars? Is it because she is black, or is it because she’s a woman, or becuase she is a Democrat?

1 year ago

If you can’t stand the heat get shot in the kitchen.

1 year ago

Have a shootout with the cops and be surprised at a bad outcome. This is the logic of BLM.

marty lopez
1 year ago
Reply to  bep777

It’s the logic of Democrats

1 year ago

Well, what did you expect, another black martyr bites the dust. She was involved in drugs up to her neck and had bailed other druggies out that worked for her “boyfriends,” and delivered drugs and sold drugs. Wow, kind of like Mike Brown and the rest of the thugs. Now doesn’t make the cops look so bad does it. When you hand with trash, you become trash just like your homies. She got what she deserved.

1 year ago

If there is “white privilege” then what is “African Immigrant” privilege. It sure seems those immigrants from Africa have been doing quite well in succeeding. Therefore it must not be a color problem itself. Strangely, these same “Africans” aren’t complaining about ‘driving while black’.

1 year ago
Reply to  Greg

No such thing as ‘white privilege,’ really. It is merely a fabricated black racist concept used to excuse a lack of accomplishment by the irresponsible & ne’er-do-wells members of that ‘community.’ In short, the term is used for their own self-achieved failure of responsibility.