Who Are These Instigators Who Framed DJT & His Supporters


Why were so many people working so hard to get the crowds of people on the Capitol grounds into the building on January 6th?

“We want a fair trial, go into the building! Move up, get closer, go in.  Show them we mean business,” organizers are heard yelling. People weren’t responding.

“I was extremely suspicious of that guy (“scaffold commander”). As I was recording/taking pics, he was getting angry because my group wouldn’t listen to him. We refused to move any closer to the Capitol. He was shouting, “this isn’t a movie! This ain’t no photo op! Move forward!” one eyewitness posted on Twitter about his experience on Jan. 6th.

It sure looks like a set-up to frame Donald Trump and his supporters, followed up by a seemingly well-planned false story of an insurrection. Russigate 3.0.

Don’t you find it just a bit suspicious that the J6 committee and the Democrats don’t care to follow this up?

In this video, a number of people are working the crowd, telling people to go in and show force. People weren’t listening.

The woman recording the video clearly says that if she sees any violence happen she will know that the man telling people to go into the Capitol is a fed trying to get violence.

You should know that this was the one entrance out of eight that was NOT guarded.


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