Who Is Mitch McConnell


Mitch McConnell is supporting Lisa Murkowski, a Uniparty Republican. Murkowski can’t be relied upon to vote as a Republican and certainly not as an America First Republican. She is one of the RINOs who is pushing the party left. She also promoted choice voting, which makes it hard for Republicans to win in Alaska.

In Arizona, McConnell pulled the funds from Blake Masters, who is now within 3 points of Mark Kelly in polling. Heritage stepped in at that time to fund Masters. To be fair, Masters made it clear he wants to vote McConnell out of Senate leadership. After he criticized him several times, McConnell pulled the ads, which seems like an abuse of power. What matters is that the GOP gets control of the legislature to stop Biden. The Senate Minority Leader wasn’t putting America First.

McConnell has since reversed himself and did fundraise for Masters in mid-September because the race was close.

Masters is an America First candidate.

Maria Bartiromo mentioned that McConnell supports Murkowski and pulled funds from him. Masters was diplomatic in answering.


The full debate:

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3 months ago

Tshibaka in Alaska is just if not more important than Arizona. Murkowski is a a scumbag RINO just like cocaine Mitch.

3 months ago

Who is Mitch McConnell? A scumbag traitor grifting RINO. Next question?

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 months ago

Mitch has a long record of sabotaging conservatives. It is finally being noticed. It was not an obvious thing to figure out, since all of those “conservatives” on the RINO Channel (Faux News) hid it from us for years.

But when Mitch’s RINO gang favored Murkowski in the last election, though she was not the republican candidate, instead of supporting the conservative republican candidate, 6 years ago, anyone should have been able to figure it out.

The only power Mitch wields is in the back rooms, The minority leader is not an actual position, it is not in the Constitution. The only reason Mitch has so much power over campaign money is that he has much back room support from big RINO donors and RINO senators. The big powers in the party are not conservative, not America First, and demand compliance.