Who or What Killed the Nord Stream Pipeline?


Who has the best motive to blow up the Nord Stream pipeline and the capability to do it? Russia, Ukraine, Germany, China, environmentalists, or the Biden administration? Someone else?

We better hope the US didn’t do this. It is still possible the pipeline wasn’t sabotaged, but it’s more likely it was than not.

Oddly, a Polish politician and journalist tied to Hillary Clinton thanked the US for blowing it up, which could have just been him trolling. The politician Radek Sikorski, later tweeted, in Polish, “Damage to the Nordstream narrows Putin’s room for maneuver. If he wants to resume gas supplies to Europe, he will have to talk to the countries controlling the Brotherhood and Yamal gas pipelines.”

The US Navy has been active in the area of the Nord Stream pipeline explosions. They had the means and opportunity, but there is no evidence they did it.

Russia, Ukraine, and Germany do not benefit from this destruction.

Russia loses all around with the pipeline destroyed. It weakens their bargaining position and they are struggling in their war in Ukraine.

Why would Germany do it? Germany can’t get fuel from Russia. It’s off the table.

Ukraine and Germany might not have the capability and wouldn’t dare do it without permission from the US.

Environmentalists don’t have the capability.

What about China? Does it help them? Perhaps but there’s no evidence this is something they’d do or were positioned to do without detection.

The US does have motives and could pull it off. It forces Europe to continue the fight and might even start the war the administration seems to want. However, they would greatly harm their allies with an act of terrorism. We have to believe they aren’t capable of this.

The New World Order crowd has said the only way they could get the change they want is with a catastrophic event. If Europe doesn’t have fuel, they freeze, go hungry, and prices soar; it would qualify as a catastrophic event.

The NY Times reported that in June, the CIA issued vague warnings of threats to the pipeline.

The C.I.A. issued a vague warning in June to a number of European nations, including Germany, that the two Nord Stream gas pipelines that carry natural gas from Russia could be targeted in forthcoming attacks, three senior officials familiar with the intelligence said on Tuesday.

The warning was not specific, the officials said, and they declined to say whether Russia itself was identified as a possible attacker. American officials said that while it appeared likely that the damage to the pipelines was the result of sabotage, they had reached no conclusion about who might have been responsible. Both pipelines suffered a sudden loss of pressure and released gas into the sea, European officials reported, and the chances that both suffered accidents nearly simultaneously seem low.

The German publication Der Spiegel was the first to report that the U.S. had provided what intelligence officials call “strategic warning” of a possible attack — a warning that came with no specifics about the likely time or place or manner of a potential strike.

The C.I.A. declined to comment on the warning.

We also have Victoria Nuland and Joe Biden claiming they could stop the pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine.

I have no idea who did it or if it was even deliberate, but we’d like to hear your opinions. We need to know the answer. I have to add that the Baltic Pipeline was unveiled today. It’s non-Russian and comes out of Poland.

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dennis m donovan
dennis m donovan
4 months ago

see the monkeyworx podcast and you will have all the proof you need along with some research on poseidon p8 aircraft

4 months ago

With Nuland and Biden signalling the end of NS2, is this part of the plan going back to the end of Soviet Union, whereby the strategic plan was insuring no rivals develop?


Maybe we should start asking ourselves why is it Russia and China have gained such prominence considering how they are viewed by the West. More and more countries are aligning with those two countries. What are they doing differently. One indication is Russia’s efforts in the aftermath of hostilities in Mariupol. Within a week the Russians were there cleaning up the destruction, while the NY Times condemned them for doing so. Supposedly it was to cover up their “crimes”. Since then the Russians have already built numerous apartment complexes in the area and residents have started to move in.

The same goes for China. Much has been said about China’s expansion, but what is left out is the infrastructure they develop in those countries. What we can conclude is Russia and China are actually doing something that makes life better in those countries, whether authoritarian or not.

On the other hand, the US and NATO go into foreign countries and create havoc and destruction in their wake. Of course it is said those countries will be rebuilt but generally it’s little more than US Aid in the forms of “loans”. I’ll never forget the disgust I had when it became known that Western companies were doing the rebuilding in Iraq. No locals were involved in those projects, and very few projects were actually done. It’s seeming more like the West uses their destruction in “promoting democracy” in order to funnel money to the select few. It is no wonder when we see the people in those countries welcome Russia and China with open arms. They see results, whether being fully electrified or rail lines etc.

John Walters
John Walters
4 months ago

The fundamental question of who posses the capability to blow up the pipeline is key. Who has submarines and frogmen capable of doing it? Yeah, we did it.

4 months ago
Reply to  John Walters

Taliban have $85 Billion dollars in US equipment. Had to be ISIS AND TALIBAN.

4 months ago

What some are saying.

Yes, huge economic losses for those who invested in these projects – Gazprom, the German energy companies Wintershall Dea AG and PEGI / E.ON, the Dutch infrastructure company N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, leading French energy company ENGIE. Losses also for those who gave money, for example, financed SP-2 – two private German energy companies – Wintershall Dea and Uniper, as well as Austrian OMV, French Engie and British-Dutch Shell. Please note that Wintershall Dea and Engie are both co-owners and creditors.

But, such a turn of events removes rose-colored glasses in the first place from Europe. The Americans make it clear that they will not allow the independence of the EU countries, they are holding them as a fodder economic base for their economy, they will not allow Europe to develop in cooperation with China, they will interfere with building independent transport trade routes from Asia to Europe. And to achieve these goals, the Americans will take any action. War, terror, sanctions, economic strangulation, assassinations of leaders – everything is being used. We all know about it.

However, there is something new. Yesterday, for the first time, Europe so openly experienced it for itself. Undermining gas pipelines is committing a terrorist act against Europeans with the clear intention of forcing them to buy only the gas that is approved by the United States. In vain, in general, Scholz went to the countries of the Persian Gulf to look for LNG and oil products for Germany, this only provoked Washington

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 months ago

The US threatened multiple times to do this, and was in the vicinity of the crime. The US is the primary suspect. It’s an act of war.

Swedes reported US ships in the area.

Last edited 4 months ago by The Prisoner