Who Would You Like to See As Speaker? We Have Names!


According to Bloomberg, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) has CONFIRMED he will be running for Speaker of the House. The founder of the House Freedom Caucus and Chair of the House Judiciary Committee has already received endorsements from Rep. Matt Gaetz, Rep. Thomas Massie, and several others.

We’re starting with Jim Jordan because he is one of two who have announced, but we have other names being bandied about.

A reporter asked Jim Jordan today, “What about Ukraine? Are you willing to move forward an aid package for Ukraine if you’re Speaker?”

Jordan responded: “I’m against that. What I understand is at some point, we’re going to have to deal with this appropriation process in the right way. And we’re going to try to do that in the next 41 days. The most pressing issue on Americans’ minds is not Ukraine. It is the border situation, and it’s crime on the streets.”

He has a lot of support from all factions in the GOP and voters.



Rep. Gaetz is supporting Jordan but thinks Scalise would still be an upgrade. I don’t know if I agree with Rep. Gaetz on Rep. Scalise other than he’s a great guy. However, he knows better than I.

Lou Dobbs wrote on X, “Congressman Jordan is undoubtedly a widely-respected and talented legislator and leader who would make the ideal Speaker of the House.

The names of a possible Speaker who might be nominated are Donald Trump, Steve Scalise, Tom Emmer, Tom Cole, Patrick McHenry, Kevin Hern, Mike Johnson, Jodey Arrington, Lee Zeldin, Hakeem Jeffries [no joke], and Jim Jordan.

I know Lee Zeldin. He’s honest, a fighter, and he wants to save America.

Who would you like to see as Speaker? If you want Donald Trump, pick a second choice, also, because Donald Trump has said in the past that he doesn’t want it.

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