“Why Aren’t We Saying the Democrat Party Is a Satanic Cult?” ~ Jason Whitlock


In a brief appearance on Tucker, Jason Whitlock, sportscaster and podcast host, addressed Tucker’s question of whether the Republican Party wants to lose. More to the point, Mr. Whitlock wants to know why we aren’t calling the Democrat Party a Satanic cult.

He agreed and wondered the same thing.  Referencing Republican candidates, he added that everyone should be leaning into “what world should we be leaving our kids?” That’s what will motivate people to go to the polls.”

“Are we properly educating our kids…are we allowing people with gender dysphoria to groom our kids into their gender dysphoria? Are we providing a safe environment for our kids and adults to live freely and have the opportunity that you and I had growing up as young people…are we protecting our borders, so the kids that have a right and are American citizens have the best opportunity to achieve their American dream? That’s what motivates people to vote.”

Mr. Whitlock thinks the Republican Party is “leaning too heavily into if we can just discredit Joe Biden.”

“Joe Biden is not the problem. The Democrat Party is the problem. It is a cult that is trying to destroy America, trying to remove all of its biblical values, trying to groom our kids, and trying to fundamentally rewrite, throw out this Constitution that’s served me, served you, served them. They’ve sold us out, and people need to stand on what world are we leaving these kids.”

“We should be embarrassed. We are leaving them a world that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen here in America.”

After describing how Democrats define us, Mr. Whitlock said, “Why aren’t we defining the Democratic Party as a Satanic cult because of this?”

The Democrat Party’s Satanic cult.

Jason Whitlock addresses the increasing absurdities of the Democrat Party as a means to an end. If they condition you to these things gradually, you will accept them.

“When they throw Trump in jail, they want you to be good with that,” he said.

To Mr. Whitlock, Joe Biden’s appearance at Independence Hall this week was the “devil coming out of the closet.” Biden appeared in a scene drenched in blood-red lights with Marines on guard as he dehumanized his opponents who happen to be 75 million Americans.


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1 year ago

To be fair, the Democrats who organized Biden’s appearance there didn’t realize it would look like the devil speaking from the gates of his realm. They thought it would look like the Nuremberg rallies staged by the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party in the 1930s in Germany.
And it did, I’m not joking, go look up photos or film of it. A whole documentary was done of it called Triumph of the Will. That documentary is famous and is shown in all the film classes attended by left wing Communications students. Biden people don’t know anything about the devil unless they have been granted an audience with him, but they do know 1930s Nuremberg rallies in Germany because of their film classes.

1 year ago

I am saying that!  They’re demons who are destroying the country. Biden’s speech was something Lil Nas X must have choreographed.