WI Election Commission Told All Nursing Homes to Break Election Law


The Racine County Sheriff’s Office investigated alleged election fraud at a Racine nursing home. The results show the Wisconsin Elections Commission violated state law by not allowing special voting deputies inside senior and assisted living centers during the 2020 Presidential Election. Instead, they told employees in all nursing homes to break election law and help every resident fill out a ballot.

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling says employees at Ridgewood Care Center admitted to helping residents fill out their ballots, which is illegal in Wisconsin. The sheriff says a decision by the state’s elections commission is to blame.

Personally, on Long Island, this author witnessed leftists — the Working Families Party — going in to a local care facility and telling the mentally impaired residents how to vote for the Democrat and not the Republican who seeks to hurt them.

The Racine County Sheriff’s Office says their investigation started nearly a year ago when a woman named Judy found that her deceased mother’s vote counted in the election. Sergeant Michael Luell says Judy told him that her mother lived in Ridgewood Care Center and she didn’t have the mental capacity to vote absentee in the months leading up to her death last October.

Judy was concerned and reached out to the Ridgewood Care facility to ask ‘how could my mother have voted.’ She was told by the executive director that the Wisconsin Elections Commission authorized the employees of these facilities to execute the vote, which, by the way, is a direct violation of law,” Sgt. Luell said.

Under Wisconsin election law, special voting deputies are trained to go into nursing homes and assisted living centers to assist residents and collect their absentee ballots.

But due to the pandemic, the Wisconsin Elections Commission voted last year to halt the special voting deputies program. Only Bob Spindell, a conservative, voted to keep special voting deputies in place for elections last year.



House Speaker Robin Vox issued a statement in response.

“People’s trust in Wisconsin’s elections has been tested. Many Wisconsinites feel elections are not safe and secure, and now the Racine Country Sheriff’s investigation found clear violations and law-breaking within the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC).

“Clearly, there is a severe mismanagement of WEC, and a new administration is needed. I am calling for the resignation of Meagan Wolfe as Elections Commission Administrator.

“Cover-ups and complacency with law-breaking are red flags Wisconsinites cannot ignore.”

State Rep. Joe Sanfelippo has also called for Wolfe to be removed from her position.

“I am calling for the immediate dismissal of Meagan Wolfe as the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) Administrator as well as the WEC staff who gave advice to break the law and members of the Elections Commission who voted to break the law. Those actions are the very definition of malfeasance in office. And if the Wisconsin Attorney General continues to refuse to uphold the law, then he should resign, too. It has become abundantly clear that a statewide investigation similar to what was done in Racine is necessary. All Wisconsinites, Republicans and Democrats alike, deserve to know which state laws were broken and who should be held accountable.”

Wolfe told the press she has no intention of stepping down.

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