Wild West Cali! 11 thieves steal $100K in handbags – reparations?


A “coordinated group” of 11 suspected thieves ran into a Louis Vuitton store in California and fled with more than $100,000 in handbags, according to authorities.

According to the article, eye witness accounts have described the suspects as black males and females wearing face coverings. They also believe that the group may be in their late teens or early twenties. The group caused no injuries and had no weapons, authorities added.

Since they are black, perhaps it was just reparations.

Police said the incident occurred around 5:30 p.m. Monday at a shopping center in Palo AltoThe group stormed the store, grabbed 36 handbags, and fled the scene, an investigation revealed.

“They exited the store quickly, ran through the mall, and fled in five vehicles prior to police arrival,” according to Palo Alto police.




  1. At least they went large. Don’t go to all the trouble just to rob the Dollar General.
    Yesterday the lot was empty at the dollar store! (rare)
    The handbags were from the hides of organically fed free range animals and were hand crafted by gnomes and not sweatshops in Asia.
    The corporate logo sewn on markup is 1000%.
    Viva la revolution, rage on behalf of the machine, forward, etc…

      • …. This is why a certain Demographic can not have civilization ….

        Worse, its a demonstration of how successfully (and not to forget, cynically) the fascist-Marxist “democrats” have for decades done everything in their power to sew and to fertilize and to farm that demographic’s potential to see its own ethnic characteristics as marking it “inferior” to others and to now seek to reap and to exploit the Malignant Envy and the hatred and rage that are the bitter fruits of the fascist’s sewings.

    • Which why sooner or later whitey is going to have to fight for survival. But chances are we will exterminate ourselves …as for some reason our race has a terminal case of altruism. Too many of us have been taught to hate ourselves and that the only way to assuage our guilt is to hand over all our property to POC’s and then throw ourselves off the cliff of diversity. Even our home lands in Europe are dying. I think the Muzzies called it “Jihad through immigration”.

      • Me, after this past couple of years watching civilization being destroyed around me, fresh out of that kind of altruism. Full of ready to cap some Bolsheviks and/or dindoos. Antifa/BurnLootMurder will be met with silent, deadly force if they violate the sanctity of my property. I’m close to a fast flowing, dangerous river that can easily trap a body for months or longer……

  2. “Reject leaders who say they won’t tolerate property destruction”… I assume that’s tantamount to an unrestricted invitation, once the location Epps’ abode has been ascertained, to wantonly demolish it? She could hardly justify calling the police, after all….

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