Will We Ever Dismantle the Washington Establishment?


The Washington Swamp is a massive cesspool. When we consider the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the president, we find that only 545 cesspool floaters control a population of 330 million people – and perhaps 25 million illegal aliens who wander freely and unaccounted for in our local communities. The 545 government officials, plus the thousands of bureaucrats and petty tyrants comprise the Washington Establishment. From top to bottom, it seems these people are unapproachable and unimpeachable.

So, where are the Republicans in all this – those meek and feckless liars we elected because they promised us American exceptionalism, energy independence, and an open, transparent government free of corruption?


These Washington swamp rats are supposed to serve with the consent of the governed. Read the Preamble to our Constitution. And make no mistake – The Constitution belongs to We the People. And especially and assuredly, the Constitution does not belong to the justices of the Supreme Court. It is We the People who consent to seat their pompous fat asses on the bench – one of three co-equal branches of government in no way superior to the other two branches. So, where are the Republicans? These same people speak loudly and audaciously at their campaign rallies but speak in whispers when they get to Washington.

But the Washington Establishment answers to no one. They are hypocritical snobs who all hob-knob together, who never miss a Washington social event, a cocktail party honoring one or all of them, or some other narcissistic circle-fest where they are seen, where they make a showing, where they spew out their agendas of pure evil, and where their colleagues and lackeys suck-up and swallow their Vomit du Jour of treasonous schemes to dismantle America and our American way of life – a way of life the Republicans have sworn to defend. So, where are they?

In his common man approach to Washington’s pimps and whores, President Trump advocated having our federal agencies headquartered and housed all across the American heartland where the nerdy little bureaucrats would live among their work-a-day, God-fearing rural and suburban neighbors – where their own children go to school with America’s children and play local high school sports – where everyday folks hold Rotary Club, VFW, American Legion, Lions Club and Town Hall Civic meetings and where these bureaucrats have to face their peers and answer to the policies they sponsor at the federal Agencies where they report for work every day. But the Republicans have all abandoned the common sense genius of their own President Trump.

Instead, entrenched in our nation’s capital we find powerful lobbies flush with ready cash, nameless, unelected bureaucrats, and liberal activists who conspire with the Southern Poverty Law Center to control our speech and our thoughts and demand our obedience to their Marxist agendas. Consider that insufferable, slimy little worm Anthony Fauci — so drunk on power he would control our nation’s bowel movements if he could.

“Each day Congress meets we lose a little more of our freedom,” said Paul Laxalt. From Jekyll Island in 1910 to today, the Washington establishment has undermined our private wealth, federalized our personal healthcare, and infiltrated our education system. After the full blown indoctrination of two or three generations of our children, from pre-school to post graduate university degrees, Marxist-leaning young Americans have now moved on to key leadership positions in our most sacred American institutions. These Neo-Marxist are erasing our nation’s borders and denying us our national identity. Their goal is to utterly destroy America. Where are the Republicans?


Washington’s Democrat-racists have nurtured “the bigotry of low expectations.” They drive the narrative that blacks are an inherently inferior race, that blacks cannot compete with whites on an equal playing field, that blacks cannot be expected to provide identification when they vote or get themselves to the polling places. The Democrats have established a permanent class of welfare families and destroyed the institution of family and marriage by taking the father out of the family – rewarding welfare recipients who raise their children without fathers. In effect, welfare mothers are married to the government, enslaved and at the mercy of their own elected officials who demand their vote every election cycle. Some Republicans we elect may speak out in platitudes, but together the Republican Party does nothing.

The liberals, progressives, and Marxists have completely usurped our entertainment industry and our professional sports. They’ve monopolized our technology venues. Most insidious of all, they’ve completely dominated our news media outlets. From print to cable our journalists have long been complicit in their treachery. They’ve “cancelled” opposing views and perfected the politics of personal destruction. They’ve politicized our entire judicial system, up to and including our cowardly Supreme Court where “justice” is treated as a commodity to accommodate various special interests who wield the power and influence to preempt our very Constitution. Where are our Republicans?


The Washington swamp floaters have corrupted our Department of Justice, our FBI, our CIA, and our Intelligence agencies. They’ve disgraced Homeland Security, the FISA Courts, our Interior Department and Bureau of Land Management, the FCC, our Education Department, OSHA, the Commerce Commission, and our insidious IRS, all of whom have all too egregiously broken faith with the American people for whom they serve. It is impossible to fire or impeach these criminals when our Congress has itself become a criminal class of newly minted millionaires.

Do Republicans really expect our vote after we’ve seen them wallow in the swamp again and again with the Democrats?


And now they’ve corrupted our beloved military, firing and retiring our patriotic and honorable military leaders and replacing them with political hacks who answer only to their political masters – or even worse, answer only to their personal lust for power. Our own military leaders are quick to put us on notice that they control all of our catastrophic weapons.

It was General Mark Milley who kept for himself the control of our nuclear codes and refused to relinquish them into the rightful hands of his Commander-in Chief, President Donald Trump – Milley who consulted with Pelosi and Schumer – Milley who made his top military leaders swear allegiance to him personally and not President Trump – Milley who conspired and assured the Communist Chinese military of his intentions to warn them ahead of time should we ever intend to attack them. A few Republicans cry “Treason!” but the party does nothing.

And let’s not forget the Federal Reserve Bank which is not a United States government agency at all, has never been audited, and serves the global community above American interests. The Federal Reserve alone establishes the value of our money and wealth, and redistributes the personal wealth in America.


President Donald Trump was no ideologue – not a conservative or a liberal. He was a practical man who loved America above all else. And the wicked Washington establishment – Democrats and Republicans alike – robbed him and We the People of an honest election in 2020. I think it’s time we broke up the Washington swamp creatures and scatter our federal bureaucracies throughout the American heartland. It’s time we recover our American way of life, our core values, our national pride, our personal freedom, personal responsibility, and personal accountability. It’s time we restore the American nation our Judeo-Christian God has so generously blessed us with. It’s time We the People prayed – and prayed as a nation – for these are ugly times, and may God help us, there is no difference at all between the Democrats and Republicans.

Image from: usgs.gov

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