Wisconsin legislature approves special counsel to audit 2020 election


The Wisconsin legislature approved an audit of the state’s 2020 presidential election results!

“Wisconsin Republican state legislators approved an audit of the state’s 2020 presidential election results, to begin in the coming weeks,” RSBN reported. “Former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman was appointed to oversee the investigation of the election results.”

With no public hearing or public meetings, using merely a paper ballot distributed by Republican leadership to members’ offices,  the committee that sets the Legislature’s agenda voted along party lines 5-3 to hire staff and officially begin an election audit under the direction of Speaker Robin Vos,” the Wisconsin Examiner reported.

“The brief 5-line ballot did not specify any funding — or cost limits — on the election investigation, but Republicans have indicated they plan to spend $680,000 on ‘at least to start’ in their hunt to find fraud and a ‘steal’ of the presidential election,” the report continued.

Legislative attorneys have stated that election subpoenas are not valid unless Republican Speaker Robin Vos signs them.

Vos replied saying that if Gableman believes that subpoenas are necessary, “we will look into making sure those can happen.”

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