Without Hope and Without Fear


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Without Hope and Without Fear

by Andy Coy

Sometimes I think this explains it.  Sometimes I believe this just sums it up.  Sometimes I think these to be the factors to which we see the cause for many of our problems and rot.  It seems very evident that many within the American culture have no feeling of real hope and no feeling of fear.  It seems obvious that there is political leadership in Washington DC that feels no hope and has no fear of negative consequences.

It clearly looks that the permanent class in Washington DC who make most of the decisions for us have no hope and have no fear.  Within our public schools of K-12 and into college, way too many of our children have no fear and have no hope.  These two basic emotions and values almost seem to sum up what we are going through.

As an American Nation, where is the hope…where is the fear?  No feeling of real hope and no fear of negative consequences is suicidal.  We better find them fast.  Hope and fear are the two edges of the same unifying sword.

Why would some steal an American election, but the average American citizen in jail without criminal charges and without bail, censor-free thought and free speech, and take away basic Bill of Rights protection?… Because they have no hope and/or they have no fear.

Why would the intelligence agencies (the CIA, FBI, NSA, DOJ), openly and notoriously break the very laws that they have sworn to defend, and why would those in authority illegally open up the American southern border to criminals and terrorists, yet demand we spill and spend both blood and treasure for the Ukrainian border, and why would some illegally give up American sovereignty and nationhood?… Because they have no hope and/or they have no fear.

Whey would Mr. Biden turn off the oil and gas spigots of American energy, drive up the price of gasoline to record highs, drive up inflation to the highest its been in over 40 years, and make it so that many Americans must use their credit cards when going to the local grocery store or gas station?… Because they have no hope and/or no fear.

Why would major media sources refuse to cover obviously important news and political information, why would Big Tech censor and cancel Americans only because of a different point of view, and why are many media sources just now covering the “laptop from hell” which has multiple crimes inside of it being shown – why did they hide it from the public for so long?… Because they have no hope and/or no fear.

Why is teen suicide reaching record rates, why is drug usage throughout America at an all-time high, why is homelessness in our cities at epidemic rates, why do too many of our youth today appear to have no purpose, no goals, and no future, and why do so many of our kids seem lost, lonely, confused, and rudderless?… Because they have no hope and/or no fear.

Why did the Supreme Court refuse to hear any lawsuits in regards to the stolen presidential election, why are those who questioned the legality of the 2020 election threatened with jail, censorship, and cancellation, and why is the opposition party (Republicans) not camped out 24-7 outside the jail in DC where many innocent freedom fighters on J-6 are being held under Gulag totalitarian type imprisonment?… Because they have no hope and/or no fear.

Why did the federal government during COVID close the churches and close the schools, made it illegal to attend a 50 member Sunday School class, and yet kept the liquor stores, hemp stores, and needle exchanges wide open and unencumbered, and why did those in authority refuse to acknowledge where COVID even originated from?… Because they felt no hope and/or no fear.

Why do so many very young children seem confused and anxious and distraught, why are school grades lower than they have been in years, why will some students never catch up, and why are test scores at a dismal pathetic record?… Because those in authority over them feel no hope and/or no fear.

Why are there now third-generation families that cannot make it without government assistance, they expect and demand government freebies, they feel entitled to not have to work and not have to make good choices and good decisions, and why are they so willing to blame others rather than themselves?… Because those before them taught them of no hope and/or no fear.

Why have over 60 million babies been denied the right to live, why have some states made it legal to kill a baby even after coming out of the womb (infanticide), and why do so many fathers refuse to be dads?… Because they have no hope and/or no fear.

Why would the federal government feel they have the power to force an experimental vaccine on unsuspecting citizens (a violation of the Nuremberg Codes), criminalizing the refusal of any citizen who dares not to take the vaccine, and the government fires employees and soldiers who refuse to be experimented on?… Because those in authority in government have no hope and/or have no fear.

Why do too many of our cities look like movies starring Mel Gibson or Kurt Russell made about a future dystopian anarchical city life that could not possibly happen here, why would people randomly burn down car lots and fast food stores, why would citizens with no justification go into high-end stores and pharmacies and steal goods and services that do not belong to them, and why would Americans assault other Americans simply because they look different from themselves?… Because they have no hope and/or have no fear.

It is almost too simple an equation.  Why do we see the things we have seen in the last two years?  How is it that people, especially those in authority, are governing the way they do?  How can it be that just in these most very recent times, we in America are witnessing events that we never thought possible in the United States?  How is it that all of a sudden laws are broken without consequences, specific and emphatic Bill of Rights are being ignored, and courts and judges with responsibilities and power sit muted and impotent while criminality metastasizes?

President James Madison, the Chief Architect of the Constitution, often talked about the “chains that bind”.  Madison spoke that the “chains that bind” are not found within the Constitution, but must be found within the human soul.

The individual himself/herself must be able to govern oneself, otherwise, the Constitution does not work.  It is because too many in the American culture have no sense of real hope and share no caution of real fear.

No hope for the future and no fear of the consequences.  It is because those in power and those in leadership don’t allow themselves to be self-governed by real hope and controlling fear.  It is because within our culture, within our American system we have driven out the self-correcting values of hope and fear.  The sword of hope and fear can have a great moderating effect on a culture.

In a way, it’s really not a political thing.  It’s really not a Right vs. Left thing.  It’s really not a “next election” type thing.  It’s a moral and spiritual thing.

The Good Book says that fear is the beginning of knowledge.  Without the moderating and self-correcting guardrails of hope and fear; everything we are now seeing that we never thought possible; makes complete sense.

Elite leadership has tried to drive the moderating influences of fear and real hope from our value system, and now we are seeing the bad trees from which these fruits have grown. What should we have expected without the twin values of hope and fear being an influence on our citizenry?  For too long we have nourished these trees that have begotten such awful fruits.  Real hope and fear of consequences are healthy values that help us to govern ourselves better and more nobly.

They must be reinfused into our culture quickly…or we’re done. It does not take Nostradamus or Revelations to figure this out. Our nation is living on borrowed time if changes are not made to the American culture quickly.

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