Children As Young As 13 Are Getting Gender Transforming Surgeries


The media and politicians have taken sides on the issue of gender-transforming surgeries for teens. They are politicizing the issue without the proper data. They like to say children aren’t getting these surgeries, but they are.

Go Fund Me currently lists 42,000 young people looking for TOP surgery – gender-affirming surgery. Look at their photos on the link. Are they getting the proper care and treatment before making these decisions?

Top Surgery is a gender-affirming surgery for transgender men and non-binary individuals that creates a masculine chest. Also known as FTM Top Surgery, the procedure involves breast removal (Mastectomy) and male chest contouring, and may also include free nipple grafts, or nipple/areola resizing and repositioning.

Lisa Selin Davis, writing on substack: The AMA, the AAP, and loads of other medical and psychological associations—not to mention the President—have endorsed these medical interventions for young people with gender dysphoria, despite the fact that multiple other countries have abandoned or pulled back on them in the past two years.

Ms. Davis is continually told that children don’t get these gender surgeries. It’s not true. They get them as young as 13 years of age.


Grace went through a mastectomy as a teen after being convinced it would make her happy and it didn’t. She had the surgery reversed. 60 Minutes ran a segment on her case titled detransitioners—and she tweets about her devastating experience. She was recently interviewed by Lisa Selin Davis for an article about kids getting gender surgeries. While she was 18 at the time, she did not have the proper counseling. Many who are younger than Grace have had the surgery.

Look at the chart below. They are getting the surgery as young as 13 and they aren’t getting the surgery nearly as much once they mature. It comes from a study by JamaPediatrics.

There Is No Data on the Effects

Tragically, “there are no data documenting the effect of chest surgery on minors.”

Gender dysphoria is a real thing and it’s treated very casually by schools, companies like Disney, and some parents. It’s so casual that easily-manipulated pre-schoolers and children in early grades are being told it’s normal and not a mental issue that needs treatment. They tell children changing genders is a choice.

Some doctors are making a lot of money from the surgeries and are advertising, like Grace’s surgeon, Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher :


As Ms. Davis writes: [Unless the media] is reading Jesse Singal, Wesley Yang, Helen Joyce, Common Sense, Kathleen Stock, or Abigail Shrier (are there others? If so, please leave in comments, below), or are seeking information from groups like Genspect, SEGM or ReIME, they are only getting a tiny sliver of the story about the science of gender-affirming care for kids.

The media and Joe Biden have picked a side and are pushing it. Biden’s pushing for puberty blockers for pre-teens, not knowing what the effects will be.

The media needs to stop taking sides in this and look at it broadly. They should be encouraging research before they pick a side. They politicized this serious medical issue, and are helping to harm children.

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1 year ago

Sadly, these will translate into adult suicides.

old farta
old farta
1 year ago

This is a mommy thing, they like to talk, before, during and after the event, all without taking any reason. It’s the same people who invited transmen to compete in women sports. They will self destruct, wait for it.

1 year ago

Personally, I think this is abuse and I predict a LOT of suicides in the future