Without OrangeManBad, CNN and MSNBC smear merchants lost their audience


Glenn Greenwald wrote on Twitter, “It’s hard to put into words how completely the audience for both MSNBC and CNN have collapsed: an unprecedented failure. Chris Hayes is on the verge of having fewer than 100,000 people watching under 55: humiliating numbers for a YouTuber. Same with Joy Reid & Lawrence.”

“They have between 25,000-60,000 people watching under 55. Their whole tactic was scaring people about the Big Orange Hitler. With him gone, so is their whole audience:”

“People forget that, in 2015, it was a foregone conclusion that MSNBC President Phil Griffin was moments away from firing Chris Hayes & several other hosts because nobody was watching. Trump saved them all, but with him gone, nobody is watching again:”

“If Chris were being fair and sufficiently grateful, he would build a statue of Trump in front of all the homes he now owns as a tribute to the person who enabled him to find such extraordinary riches,” Greenwald says.

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