Woke Fox News Executive Fires All of Tucker’s Team


Tucker’s biographer, Chadwick Moore, revealed some shocking information about Fox and the Woke executive who fired the chyron producer. She fired Tucker’s entire team yesterday. That’ll fix it Meade. She must be trying to Bud-Light Fox News.

Moore wrote on Twitter:

“Meade Cooper, the executive who fired all of Tucker’s former team yesterday, is a “terrible leader” with no regard for the people who perform day in and day out, Fox staffers tell me.”

She “lacks creativity” and “pretended to have oversight of Fox Primetime programming for years,” they said.

Cooper “benefited from the ascension of women at the network after Roger Ailes departed.” She has now executed the highest-performing producers in cable news history. While riding a women’s advocacy wave, many of those she fired yesterday were women, sources tell me.

She looks woke:
Meade Cooper is Bud-Lighting Fox News.

Fox News is still trying to stop the bleeding after taking Tucker Carlson off the air. Viewers are finding other stations to watch or have gone online.

On Monday, the Daily Beast reported that Fox Nation, the network’s streaming service for non-cable viewers, began shedding staffers last month after they settled with Dominion for a ridiculous $787 million for a company worth $70 million. Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is strapped everywhere, but no less than on Fox Nation. Without Tucker, Fox Nation is done.

Daily Beast Report:

“Fox Nation is basically over without Tucker,” one network insider told us. “They’re not shutting it down, and probably never will, but they’re really cutting it back.” (Ironically, before his firing, Carlson criticized Fox Nation for poor management.)

During an investor call in February, son Lachlan Murdoch sought to quell fears that the network is under heavy financial pressure and defended Fox Nation as a moneymaker. He claimed, “Fox Nation accelerated subscriber growth over the last quarter and last year and had the best quarter ever for engagement in terms of hours viewed, no doubt driven by brilliant fresh content like Yellowstone 150.” He added that “higher Fox Nation subscription revenues” resulted in a net profit for the last quarter of 2022.

In a statement to Daily Beast, the Fox PR team told them their information is “wildly inaccurate.”

“There is no scaling back at FOX Nation — we just had our best year ever with more programming, viewers, and revenue and one of the highest conversion/lowest churn rates in the industry,” the statement added.

So far, nine Fox producers left Fox to join Tucker in his new venture. He’s reportedly starting his own media company.

Other Fox employees are eager to work with Tucker when spots open up. There are rumors of upcoming layoffs and people leaving on their own. One thing about Tucker, you might not always agree with him, but he will always tell you the truth as he sees it without hesitation.

Fox has a new lineup, but it’s all the same people rearranged. They must hate Jesse Watters. They put him in the 8 pm slot.

Megyn Kelly and Glenn Greenwald discuss the problem of Fox:

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