WOKE Gen. Milley Warns Cadets of Global War with Robot Tanks


WOKE General Mark Milley warns cadets graduating from West Point to prepare for a global war between superpowers fighting with robotic tanks, ships, and planes as the brutal Ukraine war continues, Fox News reports.

Milley went on to single out China and Russia. He described both as having “significant military capabilities.” Milley claims they intend to “change the current rules-based order.”

Screenshot from a clip of the graduation

What George Soros called for recently echoes the attitude of Gen. Milley. Soros wants regime change in China and Russia to prevent World War III which is contradictory. We don’t get regime change without war.


The fact that he is even considering a global war between superpowers seems insane. Especially true given the way they handled Afghanistan. Also, there is the fact that the US does not have the money for this.

We understand we don’t have all the facts, but we’ve seen this administration in action. It looks like madness. Give peace a chance.

Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told officers and graduates to prepare for conflict with superpowers China and Russia.

This General and the people in power are looking at a potential war on two fronts with nuclear-armed nations.


Milley noted that the character of war is changing along with technology.

“What was once the exclusive province of the United States military is now available to most nation states with the money to acquire them,” Milley warned. He also pointed out that the military superiority enjoyed “over the last 70 years is closing quickly.”

Washington is already being “challenged in every domain of warfare in space and cyber, maritime air and, of course, land.”

Among the hardware dominating the future battlefield are “robotic tanks and ships and airplanes,” according to the WOKE general.

Milley called on the US military to maintain “incredible character under the intense pressure of ground combat.”

“The world you are being commissioned into has the potential for a significant international conflict between great powers,” Milley, 63, said.

“And that potential is increasing, not decreasing,” he insisted in early April.

Milley is the fool that called the CCP officials while serving under Donald Trump to tell them we won’t attack them.

Now he wants to attack them. The US, he said, can no longer sit idle as a military powerhouse, as the two nations continue to show a desire for global conquest.

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