WOKE School Cancels Advanced Math So White & Asian Kids Don’t Surpass Minorities


The Boston Globe reported that advanced math students were primarily White and Asian, while lower-level courses mostly had Black and Hispanic students. Cambridge Public Schools noticed this trend before, but things only worsened due to the pandemic. This led to all four middle schools in the district axing Algebra I.

Instead of providing extra help to the minority children and their families so they can do the work, the WOKE schools decided to drag down all the children based on the color of their skin.

A district parent and a Harvard physicist, Jacob Barandes, told the Boston Globe, “The students who are able to jump into a higher level math class (in high school) are students from better-resourced backgrounds.” The scientist added, “They’re shortchanging a significant number of students, overwhelmingly students from less-resourced backgrounds, which is deeply inequitable.”

Another parent is probably going to enroll her child in a private school. Others talked of homeschooling.

Parents are worried that axing advanced classes will make it harder for their children to keep up with high school math.

Schools Superintendent Victoria Greer told the Globe, “We have a huge focus on addressing both the academic achievement gaps and the opportunity gaps in our community.” Greer continued, “One thing the district is not interested in doing is perpetuating those gaps.”

So give them extra help!! You don’t limit children with your own personal biases.

Manuel Fernandez, the former principal of  Cambridge Street Upper School, told the outlet, “Students internalize it—they believe the smart kids are the white kids. Our staff said we cannot continue to divide our students this way.” Fernandez added, “Over time, you end up with lower-level math courses filled with black and Latino children and high-level math classes with white and Asian children.”

Yes, so what you do is get them help. You don’t give up on them and assume they can’t learn advanced math because of the color of their skin or the math is too white. That’s irrational.

This person was a principal? He thinks the thing to do is to turn everyone into dummies.

I have worked for years with minority children, and many had disadvantaged backgrounds, but they learn as well as anyone else. Give them the extra help they need.

It’s Insane

As some posters say, we need school choice!

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