Woke Warren says ‘black trans…cis…nonbinary’ are the backbone of the USA


Woke Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a fake Indian, pandered to one of her demographic groups this week with an off-the-wall tribute to people who didn’t exist until a few years ago.

In addition to black women, black trans, cis women, gender-nonconforming people, she praised nonbinary people — the new addition to the brand new gender classifications. They are the “backbone of our democracy,” she gushed. Aside from the fact that this is a constitutional Republic, she fails to make her case.

If you go through the list, the only people she leaves out are white men, who do serve as the largest number of people in the country’s backbone.

Her tweet can be seen as offensive to the common Americans who work hard and contribute to their communities who see themselves as the real “backbone of our democracy.” Men, especially, could be offended. Also, some Americans — millions in fact — will be turned off by her complete refusal to accept fact-based science.

The structural changes she is calling for are to make us into a poor, socialist and very weird nation that is somewhat out of touch with reality. She will also take identity politics to all new totalitarian levels, no matter how foolish that might be.

If people want to be something they are not biologically, that is their business, but she plans to tell the rest of us how we should think about it.

She can stuff it.


The day after she posted her identity politics dictum in a tweet, she attended a very far-left forum.

Warren was one of six candidates to speak at the sparsely attended Environmental Justice Forum, advertised as the “first-ever.” Joe Biden wisely didn’t attend.

It’s hard to know what she is talking about, but she is always pandering. At this event, she told Black people they are victims of poor environmental policies and she is going to redistribute the wealth to make it right.

“I want to spend $3 trillion on our climate change and how to fight climate change over the next few years when I am president,” she said. “I will spend one-third of that in the communities that have been most devastated by our past racism, by our past attacks on these communities.”

This is good stuff for Republicans.



  1. She’s nothing but a pandering fool. And quite telling that she doesn’t know this country is a Republic, not a “democracy.”
    Terrible lawyer, great liar!

  2. In addition to being a pathological liar, she’s plain nuts. It should be relatively easy for Pres. Trump to be re-elected if she’s his opponent.

  3. This is what happens when you attend or teach at Harvard or other “elite” schools; you become an idiot. A plumber has more intelligence than Warren. And they and others or backbone of America, not freaks that don’t even know what they are.

    At least some polls show her losing badly with Whites, when she mentioned reparations. She’s also doing very badly with Evangelical Christians and Catholics over her remark about tying Israeli support to West Bank development. I hope she wins the Democrat nomination so that Trump can wipe the floor with her.

  4. “Woke Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a fake Indian …”

    Everything about the leftists is fake: fake genders, fake news, fake burgers, fake climate change, fake promises, fake …!

  5. I would never want to offend the mentally deficient community. They are much smarter than Elizabeth Warren. I an serious. This woman is so far left of the special education bus, they can’t even pick her up.

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