WOKEists Are Losing All Manner of Loyal Dems – They’re That Crazy


Earlier today, we heard Netflix’s values are to not censor and if the WOKEs don’t like it they can work elsewhere. Now, we hear this clip from Joe Rogan and we really believe the WOKEs and their cancel culture are burning themselves out. We think they are.

Listen for the black man at the end:

When you lose Bill Maher, you’d better pay attention. It means you’re burning out. Three-year-olds deciding what sex they are:

Bill Maher – kept in the dark by leftist media – his media – finally discovered we have the most [barbaric] abortion laws in the world. Our laws are shared by very few nations.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
13 days ago

What I have learned after 20 years of observing the left (and the main stream media that agree with the left 99% of the time ) is that, as a general rule, what they say is almost always the opposite of the truth.

Some of them are malicious liars, they know what they say is not true.

but some of them are gullible and are simply repeating what they don t know are lies.

But almost everything leftists think is true is not true.