WOKES Might Take Back Approval of ‘Let’s Go Brandon Coin’ Sponsor


Nascar is reviewing the ‘Let’s Go Brandon Crypto Coin’sponsorship of driver Brandon Brown. The Wokes in the Nascar executive suite already approved it but they are now responding to pressure.

Brandon Brown’s publicist said the car design is up in the air.

Brown announced on Thursday that he had come to a deal with LGBcoin.io to sponsor his Xfinity Series car in 2022, unveiling a “red, white and blue livery with the logo and wordmark” of the company.

“Let’s go Brandon” became a national euphemism for “F— Joe Biden” after a reporter in October mistakenly assumed a NASCAR crowd was chanting the phrase for Brown during an interview — when the people were actually saying “F— Joe Biden.”

Originally, he didn’t want to get political, but he couldn’t get any sponsors. Let’s go, Brandon isn’t necessarily political.

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