Woman attacked Jewish women, released, no bail, attacks again, released again 2 days later


Remember how we reported about Tiffany Harris smacking three Orthodox Jewish women while screaming “F*** You, Jews?” Harris was released the next day without bail. She has other recent arrests and another warrant.

Well it seems, she was busted again, two days later, for allegedly assaulting another woman. And she was FREED AGAIN in lawless New York City. The New York Post has the report.

At her second arraignment in three days, Tiffany Harris, 30, was ordered into supervised release for the latest incident, in which she allegedly slugged a woman in the face in front of her two young children early Sunday in Prospect Heights.

Was the woman Jewish, inquiring minds would like to know?

Supervised release is the biggest joke of all. They don’t follow her around.

Happy as a clam Harris leaves court

“We’re here two days after the defendant was here on another charge,” noted prosecutor Evan Hannay in Harris’ brief appearance in Brooklyn criminal court. “We believe that the highest level of supervised release is appropriate.”

Judge Archana Rao said the strictest ruling she can level is supervised release.

These New York City judges are all leftists who love this lax, lawless approach, don’t kid yourself.

Harris pleaded not guilty to charges including assault, menacing and endangering the welfare of a child, declined comment as she left the courtroom.

She was released without bail in the attack on Saturday, in a preemptive move motivated by bail reform laws set to take effect in 2020.

What happens when she kills someone?

Stay away from New York City. It is going to get very dangerous. This must drive the police nuts. In many cases, police risk their lives to arrest criminals, only to watch them released the next day. And, if they use a little too much force or say something inappropriate, the police are in trouble. City Hall won’t have their backs.

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