Hate crimes against Jews don’t warrant bail! All attackers freed!


It’s open season on Jews and the no bail laws are making it worse. It’s not only Jews who are in danger, but they are prominent targets of criminals and haters, solely for their beliefs.

Tiffany Harris, a black woman, proudly admitted she punched three Orthodox Jewish women in Brooklyn, New York, December 28th, while shouting “F*** You, Jews.”

She told police, “Yes, I slapped them. I cursed them out. I said ‘F-U, Jews!”

The woman with the long rap sheet and a penchant for hurting Jews is out with no bail, in accordance with the new De Blasio-Cuomo no-bail laws. Harris even has at least one open assault case from November 2018, the New York Post reported.

The laws take effect January 1st but they’ve been implemented for the past two months. Prosecutors no longer bother to ask for bail.

Suspects in eight other anti-Semitic attacks on Jews by blacks last week were freed for the same reason.

Tiffany Harris, criminal, Jew-hater

Anti-Semitic militant Linda Sarsour, a radical Islamic activist, lives in Brooklyn and is always threading the needle. She is a close associate of Mayor Bill de Blasio, a communist.

Recently, there has been a disturbing spike in violent attacks on Jews by black residents of Brooklyn and surrounding NYC neighborhoods. Some 561,000 Jews live in Brooklyn, which is also home to 100 mosques.

It has even reached Rockland County, spreading like a cancer. Last night, a black man stabbed at least five Jews in a Rabbi’s shul. All were hospitalized and one is critical.

In November, a suspected drug dealer facing nearly 100 years in prison was freed and thanked Governor Cuomo.

“Cuomo for president!” José “Catano” Jorge crowed in Spanish as he left Manhattan Supreme Court without plunking down a penny in bail. He had nothing but praise for commie Cuomo.

Last month, New York City police commissioner James O’Neill resigned in protest of the “bail reform” bill, saying it would release thousands of dangerous inmates back on the streets.

Democrats want you to think this is all very complicated. It’s not at all.



  1. Cuomo is basically downplaying the incident by including every other group imaginable. He doesn’t want to ADMIT the growing attacks are BY the left. He thinks the laws need to be changed yet it is the Democrats who have passed laws “allowing” such acts, by the Sanctuary Governor. Once minor crimes are “allowed” it doesn’t take much to become more and more serious. But the Rockland county Sheriff says he confronted the Governor about the laws recently passed.

  2. I sure didn’t think Fox would go THIS LOW. Watching Eric Shawn on Fox interviewing Dov Hikind was was disgusting and despicable. Dov was making the point how DeBlasio, Cuomo and the Legislature bear the responsibility for creating the atmosphere that leads to such attacks. He also brought up the “squad” who have shown their own anti-Semitism. But each and every time Dov would mention any of this, good ‘ol Eric was there to “push back”. No doubt he’s made the likes of Nick Fuentes and his buddies proud. I can imagine Nick and his friends are praising Fox to the hilt today. It’s exactly that kind of “push back” that gives ammunition to these bigots to continue their bigotry. Eric was doing Precisely what Dov was arguing AGAINST. Eric can Go To Hell.

  3. The Jewish communities all around the country should take special notice on just how the democrats have made it possible in places such as New York for these violent criminal acts. #walkaway

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