Woman with machete wanted to slice up a cop, got a guard instead


As agitators started fires and burned a flag outside the East Precinct, a woman used a machete to attack a security guard across the street. She confused him for a Seattle police officer. This is a direct result of the hate towards police being spread by Democrats. It drives violent people to the streets.

Ernanda Bendtsen, 32, spotted a security guard at 12th Ave Arts on Capitol Hill as she was driving by. There is an Ernanda Bendtsen on FB but we don’t know if it’s her.

We wrote about this woman a week ago.

She thought the guard was a Seattle police officer (so that makes it okay to the mob). She began by screaming out her car window to the guard, calling him a “child molester.”

Police say Bendtsen then pulled over and exited the vehicle with a Nerf Blaster toy gun to approach the guard. He has been identified as Wade Biller. She asked if he was police, and he said no. She didn’t believe him.

Court documents say she returned to her vehicle, warning Biller “I got something for you.” That’s when she pulled out a 12-inch machete.

When she walked towards Biller, machete in hand, he ran into the building he was guarding and tried to pull the door shut. But Bendtsen was able to fight to keep the door partially open. His arm was sliced up as he protected himself and a witness.


We have learned more since.

The King County Prosecutor’s Office says Bendtsen is connected to a recent double homicide and arson. Based on her social media fan base, there’s concern that she can easily raise money to not just post bail, but skip out on future court cases. They’re hoping to raise her bail. Also, the original court document misspelled her name as “Bendisen” and it has since been corrected, my northwest.com reports.

She is charged with second-degree assault, not attempted murder.

She is one of the many lunatics who now make up the Democrat army mobbing the streets, spreading hate for the very people who protect us.

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