Workers Who Stop a Thief with a Knife Are Under Investigation


A man robbing a 7-Eleven for the third time in 24 hours pulled out a knife on two employees who then defended themselves by beating the man.

This is in Stockton, California, where criminals run wild.

The thief came in the first time, pretending he was going to shoot a clerk. He stole some cigarettes and fled.

The second time he came in, he went behind the counter pretending he had a handgun and demanded money. The worker didn’t fork over the money, so the thief stole packs of cigarettes and put them in a garbage bag. Then he left.

The third time he entered to rob the store, he grabbed a trash can and started filling it up with merchandise, brandishing a knife at the worker.

That’s when the two workers took action to defend themselves. They gave him a good beating.


Guess who they’re investigating. That’s right! The two workers who defended themselves are under investigation. Most stories leave out the part where the criminal brandished a knife.

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