World ‘Health’ Organization to Misgender the World


The World Health Organization will update its gender guidance to reflect its belief that gender goes “beyond non-binary,” the organization has announced. They plan to misgender the world by buying into the idea of 63 genders. There are two genders – male and female and there are hermaphodites. Anything else is the actual misgender.

The WHO has an existing “gender mainstreaming manual”. It argues that there are many genders existing on a spectrum from male to female.

World Health Organization from the West Wikimedia Commons

The organization now says that does not go far enough, however. The updated guidance will focus on “highlighting and expanding on the concept of intersectionality, which looks at how gender power dynamics interact with other hierarchies of privilege or disadvantage, resulting in inequality and differential health outcomes for different people,” the WHO website reads at the time of reporting.


The update will also emphasize “going beyond non-binary approaches to gender and health to recognize gender and sexual diversity, or the concepts that gender identity exists on a continuum and that sex is not limited to male or female”, Fox News reports. This is how you really misgender.

In addition to redefining gender based around Intersectional Theory, the manual will take an approach that is “going beyond binary approaches” to gender and health to recognize diversity of gender and sex, claiming that “gender exists on a continuum and sex is not limited to male or female.”

The WHO manual is “in light of new scientific evidence and conceptual progress on gender, health and development.” What scientific evidence?

They don’t explain what “scientific evidence” supports the effort to wokify the concepts of gender and sexuality.

This is purely Marxist-based theory.

Also, the WHO is partnering with the United Nations University International Institute for Global Health. They will introduce “new gender, equity and human rights frameworks and tools to further support capacity building around these concepts and the integration of their approaches.”

You can expect the misgender manual in August. The Marxists will tell you misgendering is not abiding by whatever gender a person decides s/he is. We need to redefine the World. To misgender is call them something other than is biologically feasible.


This is more Marxism from this Maoist China-dominated entity, and this is all conceptual nonsense. It aligns with the World Economic Forum’s New Liberal Order. It sets us up for no more private medicine or facilities.

Professor Jenny Gamble, a midwifery expert from Coventry University, described the WHO’s change as “problematic”. “It is a dismissal of basic biology — and mistake,” she told MailOnline.

“Biology is a key determinant of health and illness. Not being clear about basic biology opens the door to a range of problems, including very poor health communication but also distorted data,” she said, the Daily Mail online reports.

You can disregard any science The WHO comes up with. They’re on the highway to Hell.

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1 year ago

The World Health Organization is just another Bureaucrat Plague on the World!

Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
1 year ago

60% of Americans believe that gender is determined by sex assigned at birth, in comparison to 38% who say otherwise.

Sentinel Reader
Sentinel Reader
1 year ago
Reply to  Ronald Harms

So 38% of Americans are completely f’ing nuts. Yes, I see your point. Excellent observation. Our schools deliberately failed us, starting many years ago.

Btw, I’m also not so sure that Maoist China gives a rat’s ass about the 61 fake genders (within their own country’s borders.) They know this is nuts. They simply want to undermine their greatest rival power with any form of internal discord. They’re smart and they’re absolutely succeeding. Expect a lot more of this.

Body dysmorphic disorder and gender dysmorphic disorder are mental illnesses that require our sympathy and treatment. Like eating disorders and other debilitating mental illnesses, these conditions should not be ignored or normalized. Unfortunately, there’s zero chance that the West, with its increasingly fake “science,” is capable of correcting course to do the right thing on such an obvious issue. Real scientists and medical doctors will be blacklisted for simply speaking-up against this madness.