Worst mayor ever brags about the great job he’s doing


New York City communist mayor Bill de Blasio is the worst mayor in the nation. In the clip below, he brags about the wonderful job he’s doing.

The teachers union demanded more staff so he added 2,000 but they want 10,000. They say there is a big shortage.

He had all summer to plan for re-opening but he has delayed it for yet another week. How are parents supposed to go back to work???

What he has done for the children amounts to child abuse. Schools can’t open with the nonsense he’s putting in the way.

He’s destroying the city. Restaurants can only open to 25% capacity indoors at the end of the month, and 50% down the road. Most restaurant owners say they need 70% to break even.

The restaurant owners are suing the city and state for $2 billion.

There were only 63 reported new COVID cases yesterday in a county of 1.6 million. Both he and Governor Cuomo put the elderly with COVID in nursing homes, seeding the nursing homes, killing tens of thousands.

And he has the city in debt to the tune of $9 billion. This wasn’t COVID, it was his budget.

The only reason for the lockdown now is to keep Trump from winning re-election:

New York City is becoming a hellhole:

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