Worst Videos of Cat 5 Hurricane Dorian


Cat 5 Hurricane Dorian landed in the Elbow Cay, Abacos Bahamas with 185 mph winds and gusts over 225 mph. It’s moving very slowly, 7 mph, which makes it more dangerous. Abacos is only 20 feet above sea level.

The ABC News team in the Bahamas reports “catastrophic damage” due to Hurricane Dorian, including boats on top of structures.

All tracks take a northern path at this point but it’s unclear where it might make landfall along the U.S. coast.

This Instagram user is “asking for prayers,” they’re “stuck.” There is a Christmas tree in the video so it’s not clear if this is legitimate or not. This could be from another hurricane. It does come from BNO News but we don’t know how well they vet their posts.

What we really don’t understand is why people are walking around and driving around with this monster hitting the shores.

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