WOW! $60 million a week to care for illegal alien children


Washington Post reporter Nick Miroff says the federal government [taxpayers] are forking over $60 million a week to care for illegal alien children [who Democrats invited into the country]. It will get worse as more and more pour in. At least 171,000 came in illegally in March and thousands more came in without being caught.

So far, unaccompanied children are up 87% from the same time last year. But that number is skyrocketing.

The facilities are desperate for help. The solution would be to close the border and start sending these children home. But Bidenites would rather allow horrendous conditions to prevail.

The Department of Health and Human Services has announced at least 10 temporary sites to shelter thousands of teens and children at convention centers, oil worker camps, and military bases.

That doesn’t include the millions for hotels for families or the billions we will spend on housing, education, and feeding these needy people.

A man called in to talk radio [Rush’s show] today to discuss areas around Tulsa that are overwhelmed with foreigners and unaccompanied children. The residents don’t have the resources for them. The children will go to their schools, taking away from the education of their children. Tulsa is pretty far from the border.

Joe Biden invited all the children in the world under 18 to come into the United States illegally. They can one day migrate their entire families here.

Governor Greg Abbott said the children are sexually abused.

Terrorists and criminals are pouring in. Biden and his Democrats are destroying the country.

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