WOW! AOC says Trump forces people to enter illegally


Open borders AOC says the President is creating illegal aliens by shutting down means of entry. HUH?

She basically feels everyone has the fundamental right to enter the country illegally. But she is suggesting all these foreigners invading our borders are legitimate asylum seekers

It’s the usual disinformation we get from the Socialists. She is pretending they all have the right to asylum, although very few do. According to her, the President is enforcing asylum law unfairly.

What is actually happening is the leftists are trying to destroy our asylum laws, the way they have destroyed other immigration laws, and ultimately, our borders.

No one is saying illegal aliens don’t have fundamental human rights as she says in the clip, but Americans have rights too.

AOC is stupid, but we also see her as a liar. She has to know she is lying.

Bill O’Reilly explained what is going on at the border last November.

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