WOW! Donald Trump Promises to Pardon Ross Ulbricht Day 1


Former Eagle Scout and physics grad Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to two life terms plus 40 years, which means he will die in prison. Donald Trump plans to pardon him.

Donald Trump told a Libertarian audience that if elected, he would pardon Ross Ulbricht. He has served eleven years of a life sentence for creating and operating a darknet.

There is widespread support for freeing him, from Ken Starr to Sen. Rand Paul. Others like Rolling Stone, 12 former prosecutors, Justice Dept. officials, and 44 criminal justice organizations support freeing him.

Former Solicitor General Ken Starr joined the cacophony of voices to offer clemency.

“I am proud to join the many prominent figures in politics and law who have raised their voices to support clemency for Ross,” Starr said.

Libertarian Sen. Rand Paul believes the sentence was too harsh. “Like so many others, I am shocked by the harsh sentence imposed on this first-time offender…Mr. Ulbricht’s sentence is disproportionate to his crimes.”

Ross Ulbricht,

Ross Ulbricht created and operated the darknet market website Silk Road from 2011 until his arrest in 2013. He made $13 million. Ulbricht used cryptocurrency. Most of what was sold were narcotics and other illegal products and services.

In October 2013, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested Ulbricht and took the Silk Road offline. In 2015, he was convicted of engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise, distributing narcotics, distributing narcotics using the internet, conspiracy to distribute narcotics, conspiracy to commit money laundering, conspiracy to traffic fraudulent identity documents, and conspiracy to commit computer hacking.

He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Ulbricht’s appeals have failed.

Assistant US Attorney Timothy Howard, who co-prosecuted the case, stated that a plea deal with a mandatory minimum of 10 years was “…discussed at the final pretrial conference on December 17, 2014…”. However, “the maximum sentence of life imprisonment was strongly recommended based on the sentencing guidelines.”

Donald Trump, a strong supporter of law and order, doesn’t agree with the sentence. It is a courageous move. You can decide if it is the right one.

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