Wray in Omaha, Answers No Questions! He Can’t Continue!


FBI Director Christopher Wray spoke in Omaha, Nebraska Wednesday. A reporter asked him to address Donald Trump’s concerns that the FBI would plant evidence since no one was allowed to observe the raid [the raid that we aren’t allowed to call a raid]. It went on for nine hours. Wray wouldn’t answer the question. He wouldn’t even say that Trump shouldn’t worry.

Wray constantly stonewalls. He did that with the House and the Senate last week. And they let him get away with it.

On his show last night, Bill O’Reilly said, “Christopher Wray, he cannot continue. He can’t. If you look at what he did last week in front of that Senate committee on Thursday, stonewalling everything. And then you add this to it. Again, more than half the country thinks it’s a political persecution to a former President. How can this guy continue? He can’t. And, you mark my words…It isn’t going to be Garland taking the fall for this. He won’t, because Biden. But Wray?”

O’Reilly continued, “Some of that is Trump’s fault because he hired Wray and didn’t fire him when it was clear Wray was incompetent.”

The only question he would answer is about threats to his department. He played the victim.

The evasive director said threats online against federal agents and the Justice Department are “deplorable and dangerous.” “I’m always concerned about threats to law enforcement,” Wray said. “Violence against law enforcement is not the answer, no matter who you’re upset with.”

Mr. Wray said he wouldn’t tolerate threats against the FBI. He should have added, except if it’s Antifa or Black Lives Matter – the Democrat Brownshirts.

He’s using the term “law enforcement” rather loosely.

Director Wray also noted that FBI agents should be “valued and cherished” for their willingness to “put their lives on the line” to protect the institutions of government.”

The incompetent director wouldn’t answer any other questions, not in Omaha, not anywhere.

How dare he?

Wray has done nothing to clean up the agency. He has torn it down, and now it needs to be defunded, and the agents spread out elsewhere or furloughed.

Watch him say nothing in Omaha, it’s short:

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