WTH! Look At This Raid on a Peaceful Protester’s Home


The corrupt FBI raided the home of a peaceful protester, brandishing military weapons and with guns drawn. We can’t accept this. I don’t care what you believe in, you can’t accept this, or one day they will come for you. This is bizarre government overreach.

The way they treated the wife with such disdain was infuriating. The FBI has no regard for the people.

“I want to know why you were banging on my door with a gun,” Vaughn’s wife says to an FBI agent in the video. “You’re not going to tell me anything?” The FBI agent claims: “I tried, ma’am.” Vaughn’s wife objects, “No, you didn’t! You did not try!” She approached the government vehicle carrying Vaughn in the back seat. “This is not acceptable,” she states. Moments later, she asks an FBI agent, who ignores her, for his name. “You’re not going to give me your name? You’re not going to give me any information?” she questions as they drive away.

Meanwhile, Antifa and Black Lives Matter can do anything they want.


These are the “criminals” they captured who now face 11 years in prison based on the ridiculous, probably unconstitutional Face Act. This followed the arrest of Mark Houck. The arrested pro-lifers have a GiveSendGo fundraiser.

Are you kidding me? The FBI is going after grandma and grandpa and a kid?


The Biden Department of Justice targeted these people after targeting Mark Houck, a religious man with seven children.

The DOJ charged pro-life leader Paul Vaughn with “a civil rights conspiracy” and a Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE Act) offense over the activist blockade of a Nashville-area abortion facility in early March 2021. A federal indictment unsealed Wednesday alleges that the pro-life defendants “engaged in a conspiracy to prevent the clinic from providing” and patients from receiving abortion services and violated the FACE Act by “using physical obstruction to intimidate and interfere with the clinic’s employees and a patient.”

A conspiracy? Utter nonsense.

If convicted, Vaughn faces up to 11 years in prison; three years supervised release, and fines of up to $350,000.

Vaughn is the president of Personhood Tennessee.

Democrats Are Lawless:

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