YAY AL! Chemical castration of some child rapists as a condition of parole


Alabama passed another law that some bleeding hearts might hate. Alabama made history with their heartbeat bill and they aren’t slowing down to protect children. Under a new law, child sex predators who molested a child under 13 must be chemically castrated while on probation.

Some will have to pay for the chemicals. Those who go off will serve the remainder of their term.

The biggest concern is some believe that the drugs don’t work. Then that’s on the pervert.

ABC News Go reports:

The bill, HB 379, which passed unanimously in the state Senate on Tuesday, requires convicted offenders who abused a child under the age of 13 to take drugs, such as medroxyprogesterone acetate treatment, that block the production of testosterone, as well as other naturally occurring hormones and chemicals in the body that drive libido, as a condition for parole. The offender will also be required to pay for the treatment unless they cannot afford it.

The bill still needs to be signed by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey to become law.

Alabama is not the only state to consider chemical castration for sex offenders. California passed a chemical castration bill in the 1990s for repeat child sex offenders, and a similar law exists in other states including Florida, Louisiana, Montana and Oregon.

Texas also has a chemical castration law. However, the treatment in that state cannot be a condition for parole, and the inmate must request the procedure. Michigan used to have a law mandating chemical castration as a parole condition, but an appeals court in 1984 ruledthat this was unlawful.

As a victim of a child molester at age 8, and the cousin of a girl molested by the same pervert, I think this law sounds more than reasonable. It is better than they deserve. These people kill the soul and the childhood of their victims.

They should extend it to all rapists.


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